We work on a mix of our own ideas and directly with selected founders.

Here are a few of the projects we are working on.

  • Daily Hive Art NFT Marketplace
  • EQ The Game
  • Canada Unleashed
  • CXO
Daily Hive Art NFT Marketplace

Daily Hive Art NFT Marketplace

Connecting Digital Artists with Buyers.

Daily Hive is an online success story. Founded in a basement in 2008, Karm Sumal and Manny Bahia turned a small online publication into a major presence. 

Daily Hive wanted to support local artists in the places where they have a presence. With their list of subscribers and marketing prowess, they have the power to deliver exposure to artists. 

Unleashed Ventures is developing and managing the Daily Hive marketplace for art based on NFT technology. 

Non-fungible tokens have been around for 4-5 years, but the infrastructure wasn’t ready until now. The technology gives artists numerous advantages, including: Provenance for their physical or digital work, A natively digital solution for digital-first artists, The ability to get paid commission on every transfer of their work into the future, Access to younger buyers who are comfortable with technology.

Together with Daily Hive, our mission is to elevate and support a new Renaissance for creators.

EQ The Game

EQ The Game

Create. Explore. Transform.

EQ stands for Exquisite Corpse. It was developed for writing by French surrealists somewhere between 1918 and 1925.

The idea was for two or more people would work on a part of the writing together. But the writing  was concealed from the others, except for a small clue.  Andre Breton adopted this for drawing in 1925. Artists would each take a turn drawing on a tile or section, and only have a small clue as to what the other artist had done before. After completing the sections, you would have a big reveal. The game drove creativity, collaboration, entertainment and fun. 

The founder of EQ the game, Mo Somani, partnered with Unleashed Ventures to update and expand the capability of the EQ app.

The app began as a mobile in-person series of events. It transformed into an app to replicate and expand the experience to a worldwide audience.

EQ gives people who don't know each other a way to collaborate and explore working together. Artists can work with others they don’t know to expand their network and explore creativity together. The work on the app will eventually be secured with NFTs. This will give the art provenance and artists the opportunity to monetize their work. 

Canada Unleashed

Canada Unleashed

Building a Canadian Entrepreneurship Community.

Canada Unleashed started as Vest In Canada. Our vision was that Canadian entrepreneurs were talented and capable but lacked relationships with each other. The idea became a series of small, invitation-only curated events. These events validated the power of community for Canadian entrepreneurs.

Today, the project is a platform that encourages new Canadian entrepreneurs to get started. The platform exposes their idea to anonymous investors who can choose to fund their startup education.

This sponsorship provides early validation of the idea and founder. Investors can follow the progress of the budding entrepreneurs over time. They can choose to interact or expand the nature of the relationship. 

Canada Unleashed is tackling the problem of developing a more entrepreneurial culture in Canada. We have the talent stack, the ideas, the research institutions, and the money. The thing that appears to be lacking is an entrepreneurial culture that drives more innovation.

 Our mission is to encourage more entrepreneurship in Canada, by Canadians, for the world.



Your Chief Experience Officer

CXO is our vision of the automated executive. The idea was formulated in part out of what we learned in Next Decentrum. 

Learn by CXO is an email course delivery engine. Users can develop courses using links that they curate from the best sources on the web.

You can organize and structure the course as you see fit. The course delivers one link each day or week and can be adjusted as better resources become available.